Protect Your Investment

High Caliber Protection from Bullet Liner

Protect Your Investment

High Caliber Protection from Bullet Liner

Why Choose Bullet Liner

When you spray Bullet Liner on your vehicle, your investment is not only safe, but you’re choosing a product that’s been tested in the most extreme temperatures and harshest conditions.  

  • Bullet Liner offers scientifically advanced non-fade color to give your truck that great factory installed look that will turn heads.
  • Bullet Liner utilizes high tensile strength material that provides a superior layer of protection, which can add years and resale value to your truck.
  • Bullet Liner’s lifetime warranty guarantees superior protection for your vehicle and it will not flake, bubble or crack, no matter what extremes its exposed to, for as long as you own your vehicle.

It doesn’t matter how you use your truck.  Bullet Liner spray on truck bed liner is always a great investment.  It’s great for hauling tack for horses, lumber, tools and gear for a contracting job, off-roading in tough terrain or just because it gives your truck a real cool look.  Bullet Liner can help your truck ride quieter, it provides superior protection against stains from many harsh chemicals, rust and other corrosive damage and it prevents most dings and mitigates dents.

We have both High and Low Pressure applications available.

Contact us or stop by the showroom to find out how Bullet Liner can enhance your vehicle!

Bullet Liner was founded by the team that started the entire spray on truck bed liner industry.

Today, we use 4th generation materials backed by over 3 decades of research and development to create the most advanced protective spray for truck beds and other uses available anywhere.

Any environment or situation is dramatically better suited for safety and performance when Bullet Liner is on the job.

Especially favorable in wet conditions, Bullet Liner  elastomer prevents rust and corrosion, extending the life and value of your vehicle.

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